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Hi. I'm Samaria Williams and it's my passion to support spiritually awakened women who desire to live with intention, fully heal the wounds of the past and cultivate the life of your dreams. 

Samaria Williams, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, transformational coach, Spiritual teacher and writer. Through an eclectic approach through supporting women in taking cultivating the life she truly loves, by blasting through blocks that stand between her and embraces her truth, power, and brilliance unapologetically.

My Story
As a young child, I remember feeling sad all the time to the point where sadness became normal. It has taken many years for me to understand the sacred unfolding of life. I tried to numb the pain with food, toxic relationships, co-dependency, and the quest for perfection.

Finally, I realized I had an eternal well within me that could only be met with the eternal. I decided to stop running and to face my truth, all parts of it, through that process--Sacred Soul Practice--was birthed. I have survived, overcome, and learned to thrive despite the impact of childhood trauma, gripping health challenges, heart break, betrayal, and Complex PTSD though I still had to remember how to thrive--the point beyond surviving.

I know a thing or two about the kind of pain that takes your breath away. There's life beyond your threshold of pain--there's actually joy if you hold on and allow life to teach you it's sacred lessons. What I know for sure is that pain is a divine messenger of life but suffering is optional. In relationship, in a sacred sister circle, healing occurs. It is my belief that we are all recovering from something or someone. We are all in recovery. Out of my experience is a depth of wisdom and spiritual truth that I believe is my gift to the world. It is my honor to walk this path of sacred soul discovery with you.

Together, we can walk a sacred path of truth telling and courage cultivation as we spark a healing revolution. Are you with me? Let's RISE together!


What you can expect when you work with me


Together we will…

  • Cultivate a vision for your life

  • Identify your “why…” Why are you alive and what’s your gift to humanity?

  • Hold you accountable to your sacred self.

  • Evict your limitations

  • Discover your own sacred truth.

  • Eliminate excuses

On this path, you will…

  • Be expected to do your own healing work but you can count on my sacred support all along the way.

  • Gain clarity on your divine purpose

  • Feel more alive and motivated.

  • Reconnect with your true self and divine spirit

  • Feel more centered, grounded, emotionally safe, and confident within your own power.

  • Cultivate & trust your own sacred intuition

  • Learn the importance of sacred energy & vibration and how to leverage it for your highest and best outcomes

  • Integrate all parts of you including getting out of your head and into your sacred heart & body.

  • Achieve emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual alignment.